Writing in Nanoscale scientists from the universities in Singapore and China review the two-dimensional material molybdenum disulfide. The material has been extensively studied in the past five years since, unlike graphene, has a sizeable bandgap which make it attractive for applications in electronics. Through their exhaustive 40-page article, the authors provide an extensive MoS2 review: properties (electronic/mechanical), production techniques (mechanical/ liquid exfoliation/CVD).

Applications in sensing

Finally, the authors of the MoS2 review paper, place a strong focus on sensing applications and they review electrochemical sensing, FET sensing, fluorescent sensing, gas sensing and several other types of biosensing of this atomically thin MoS2 semiconductor.

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Further reading: “Two dimensional atomically thin MoS2 nanosheets and their
sensing applications ” Huang et al. Nanoscale 2015

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