The first electrical measurements of monolayer MoS2 were conducted in 2004 by Novoselov et al (PNAS, 2004). In a back-gating transistor configuration they extracted field-effect mobilities around 0.2-1cm2/Vs.A recent breakthrough was single-layer top-gated MoS2 transistors, using hafnium oxide as a gate dielectric. MoS2 transistors are n-type. The high-κ dielectric environment of the top gate acts as a mobility booster (mobilities up to 200 cm2/Vs were observed, while current modulation spanned eight orders of magnitute. For more information, see Radisavljevic et al (Nature Nanotechnology,  2011).

Even more recent, Wang et al (Nanoletters, 2012) demonstrated integrated circuits based on bilayer MoS2, with up to 12 transistors operating on a single flake.

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