Writing in Applied Materials & Interfaces  scientists from the Sejong University, Seoul report their technique in reducing contact resistance in tungsten disulfide (WS2) field-effect transistors with standard Cr/Au contacts. Although there are several techniques to do this (e.g. using scandium, or phase-engineering) this technique is noted for being particularly straightforward.

The technique relies on dipping the samples in 0.01M aqueous solutions of LiF (lithium fluoride) and baking the sample briefly at 80°C before drying under nitrogen. The technique reduces the contact resistance in WS2 by a least an order of magnitude and introduces n-doping to the sample.

Further reading:

1. “Highly Stable and Tunable Chemical Doping of Multilayer WS2 Field Effect Transistor: Reduction in Contact Resistance”  Applied Materials & Interfaces 2015.

2. Recent papers on WS2.

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