Looking to buy MoS2? As of 29th September 2015, we are excited to offer new pricing for our MoS2 single crystals, which are up to 50% off.  Our new pricing is as follows:

  1. Lifetime supply: From USD$999, now USD$499 (50% off). A bundle of more than 10 crystals with at least 3  Large.
  2. Large bundle: From USD$249, now USD$199 (25% off). Minimum dimensions 20mm by 15mm. Includes a smaller crystal with minimum dimensions 8mm x 8mm.
  3. Medium: From USD$189, now USD$149 (22% off):  Minimum dimensions 15mm by 10mm.

As always, our pricing includes free DHL Express shipping worldwide with 1-3 day delivery.

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